Pushing The Envelope, Ctd


A reader: “Oh how I wish someone in Finland would help us mail protest letters to Putin using those stamps.” Another:

A friend from Finland writes:

Now there are two online petitions going on in Finland. The first, of course, is for banning these stamps. The other is for making a lick-able version, instead of the self-adhesive.

Heh. Update from a reader:

For the sake of a brief laugh, or to show the degree to which the cultural shift towards equality has advanced in Western Europe: While reading through yesterday’s edition of Germany’s “Die Welt” newspaper (the most right/conservative quality paper in the mainstream media) I came across an article on the new Finnish stamps with the absolutely delightful title “Klebende Homoerotik zum Anlecken” – ‘”sticky homoeroticism fit to lick”.


Despite philately‘s nerdy conservative image, homosexuality has always had a place in the stamp world.

In the 1970s, a prominent collection that won numerous competitive exhibiting awards was called “Alternative Lifestyles”.  No one imagined that so many earlier stamps commemorated homosexual men and women, and for most of us (remember, 1975) this was our first awareness of the gay world. It is a tribute to philately, I think, that in this era, such a collection won such widespread praise and won so many national awards. And there was a strong group of prominent homosexual stamp dealers in the 1980s (who also went by the name “gay Mafia”) largely concentrated in the more philatelically arcane “postal history” fields and who were very successful and who threw the best parties. More on the history of gays and philately can be found here.