Ask Dave Cullen Anything: What Shocked You Most About Columbine?

In the latest video from the author of the best-selling book Columbine, Cullen discusses a major aspect of the story he didn’t anticipate:

Cullen elaborated here about the many contrasts between Eric, the psychopathic mastermind, and Dylan, the depressive follower:

Outwardly, they looked like normal young boys about to graduate. They were testing authority, testing their sexual prowess – a little frustrated with the dumb-asses they had to deal with, a little full of themselves. Nothing unusual for high school.

But Eric had no intention of graduating. He had no plans, which seemed odd for a kid with so much potential. Dylan had a bright future. He was heading to college. He was going to be a computer engineer. Several schools had accepted him, and he and his dad had just driven down to Tucson on a four-day trip. He’d picked out a dorm room. His mother was going to mail his deposit to the University of Arizona on Monday.

On the day of the prom, Robyn Anderson drove out to pick Dylan up on Saturday afternoon. They shot pictures with his parents before meeting up with five other couples to head into the city. Dylan was giddy and beaming, all cleaned up for once. He’d gone with a traditional black tuxedo, bow tie slightly askew. His dad followed him around with a camcorder, capturing every move.

The prom was the standard affair. They crowned a queen, they crowned a king. Dylan and Robyn had fun. Dylan kept talking about college, about his future. He kept saying he could hardly wait.

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