Deep Dish: Sully And Hitch After Dark


My entire 2006 conversation with Hitch is now available for subscribers. Because the quality of the audio is not-so-great, we’ve provided a full transcript as well – it can be downloaded and read as an e-book by clicking here. The gist:

A while back I thought it would be a cool idea to do some post-prandial chats with some of my favorite people. It occurred to me deep-dish-buttonthat the best conversations I ever heard in Washington never happened on television or radio. They were always way off the record. But they might occur, I suspected, if we just attached microphones to ourselves, had a bottle of wine or two and just riffed. And who else to start with but Hitch?

You’ll have to forgive the quality of the recording, as it was made with a cheap microphone on Hitch’s dining room table, but we’ve tried to improve it and now think it’s good enough to share.

It’s on God and no-God, Iraq and war, love and death (somewhat poignant in retrospect). Listen or read here. And thanks for subscribing.

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