Hathos Alert

Or it could be a poseur alert. It’s longer than most but the pleasure and the pain ramp up relentlessly into a truly hathetic concoction. Update from a reader:

I completely agree that the tone of that video is deserving of the Hathos award. And furthermore, Cameron Carpenter in person is obsessively humorless in his pursuit of his “artistic vision.” (I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live in concert and in taped interviews).

But, he is a truly incredible musician, and perhaps one of the greatest organists of all time. I don’t know if non-musicians fully understand the coordination and focus needed to play a musical instrument with all four limbs simultaneously, often with four or more independent musical lines, and to not just hit the right notes – but also make music out of that choreographic exercise. In person, or in YouTube videos, Mr. Carpenter is a truly amazing.

So, I can forgive him the hair style and sartorial excess. He brings incredible substance to the surface nonsense. And in the end, the music is what matters.