Europe’s Anti-Roma Racism, Ctd

Perusing the latest Pew survey data from seven European countries, Adam Taylor notices an interesting finding about attitudes toward ethnic and religious minorities:

The most negative views in Europe aren’t directed toward Muslims or Jews. Rather, it’s Roma. This chart is really quite remarkable, showing that RomaSpain is the only nation where more people hold positive views of Roma than negative. In Italy, just 10 percent have positive views about Roma, while 85 percent have negative views.

Unfortunately, it’s not entirely surprising. Roma, often dismissively referred to as “gypsies” in Europe, have suffered discrimination in Europe for centuries, and some estimates suggest that 70 percent of their European population was killed during the Holocaust. Last year, Europe’s tabloid media got into a frenzy over allegations that Roma families in Greece and Ireland had stolen “blond girls.” (In both cases, it was later confirmed that the children were actually Roma).

The Dish looked at attitudes toward the Roma in Europe at the time of the “blond girls” allegations here.