Gay Geography

by Patrick Appel

Gays Settle Down

Silver finds that gays tend to settle down in more gay-friendly states:

The regression line in the chart implies that, in a state where 30 percent of the adult population supports gay marriage, about 11 percent of LGBT adults will live together as couples. By comparison, in a state where support for gay marriage is 60 percent, 17 percent will.

These results probably should not be surprising: forming a household with a same-sex partner is a fairly visible and public act, if not quite as public as marriage. By comparison, disclosing one’s LGBT identity to a pollster in an anonymous survey is more private and might depend less on perceived support from one’s community. There are also some LGBT Americans who are so closeted that they won’t tell pollsters about it.

Meanwhile, below is a GIF that shows the progress marriage equality has made over the past ten years (it’s already out of date because it was created before the Oregon news):


Lastly, for a perspective on the state of gay rights around the world, check out this interactive Guardian graphic.