Sensing Too Much, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader pivots off our post on the FBI having trouble hiring hackers who haven’t smoked pot:

As a computer guy with diagnosed Asperger’s who knows lots of other computer guys who are either diagnosed or show a lot of checklist signs of being on the autism spectrum (including my son – also diagnosed on spectrum), I would like to flag the self-medication aspects of pot use in the case of computer guys and the FBI. Being on spectrum means there are tremendous sensory overloads. I know that marijuana reduces the sensory overload and makes it manageable. That has also been part of the discussions with my spectrum computer colleagues.

[Seen above] is my favourite video to explain the overload. I use it to try to explain the reality of my view of the world when people ask about my Asperger’s. (I believe I first saw it on the Dish.) And this is a link to more information on overload simulations.

A previous Dish thread on pot and Asperger’s here.