How Unfair Is Being The Fat Girl? Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader makes an excellent point:

This is one of the whitest threads ever. I’m a fat, white woman (though not in high school – then I was taught fat is perceived as bad, but now I know better). I am married to the hottest guy ever and never had a problem getting a date. Of course, most of the men interested in me AND who let me know it are not white. (Living in DC made it easier.)

When we talk about desire and dating and plus-sized women, we are almost always talking about perceptions of us from the privileged perspective of acculturated white American males. Not Black males. Not males from other cultures. White American Males, mostly. But they are just the tip of what is out there.

Yes, being fat as a woman is harder in general than it is for a man, but there are plenty of men that love us, admire us and really want to fuck us. Works for me.