Church Sign Of The Day

by Matthew Sitman


Meet the Anglican priest from Australia behind the above sign – just one of his many efforts:

In an age of digital everything, Father Rod serves up his thoughts via an old-style church announcement board, with movable letters — the sort of sign that appeals to your inner guilt as you drive through rural Alabama. And then he lets the internet take over.

Bower’s messages have gone viral on social media. That might be because having a man of the cloth on their side energizes [Australian PM Tony] Abbott’s embattled critics, less than a year after Australians voted him into office. And it might be because of the wit and heft the messages wield in under 50 characters — a length that makes Twitter seem wordy.

When Father Rod speaks, people listen. His parish now has more than 10,000 followers on Facebook and its billboards are seen by hundreds of thousands more via social media. Not bad for a local church.

(Photo from the Anglican Parish of Gosford)