America’s Favorite Vegetable


Vegetable Consumption

Aaron Carroll shakes his head:

Potatoes are the number one consumed vegetable. Tomatoes are second. Why? Because – and I’m getting this from the USDA – we eat a lot of french fries and pizza. They even separate out potato chips, and dehydrated potatoes (are those Pringles?). THAT DOESN”T COUNT. I bet onions are high because we eat a lot of burgers. Or maybe onion rings (h/t @MDAware). This isn’t what we meant by “eat more vegetables”.

Update from a reader:

I’m sure you’ve gotten quite a few emails, but I find it hilarious (and depressing) that the top two “vegetables” are technically a “grain” (long complicated story to that) and a fruit.  It’s no wonder Americans eat so few veggies: The ones they do eat aren’t even real veggies!