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The self-proclaimed Bruce Lee of bartending:

Update from a reader:

I grew up watching kung-fu movies on HBO, back in the late 1970s when HBO didn’t own the rights to play much mainstream cinema. And the thing about Bruce Lee is that, beneath his theatricality, he displayed an awe-inspiring economy of motion. Lee and his imitators were all about maximum asses-kicked for minimum motion.

The bartender, on the other hand, spends the better part of three minutes on a juggling routine with no connection to drink-making at all – admittedly, a fun juggling routine – before mixing a single cocktail. And when he finally gets down to the actual, you know, bartending, his motions aren’t all that much different than if you or I mixed a martini.

So the guy isn’t the Bruce Lee of bartending. He’s the hulking, clumsy white dude wannabe whom Bruce Lee humiliates in every movie, of bartending.