Email Of The Day

[Re-posted from earlier today]

A reader writes:

I have been a subscriber since very early on. This winter I purchased a subscription for my father. He is an evangelical, as well as a thoughtful conservative. He and I have had our fair share of clashes over the years as I have moved more to the left, but we have always worked hard to hear, and be heard by each other.

dish-gift-sidebar-FDA couple months ago they moved across the country to the same area that my wife and I live. We have obviously spent a lot more time together since that move. I cannot tell you how many conversations we have that are based on something one or the other of us read on the Dish. Neither of us totally agree with you, but it gives us a good jumping off point to have healthy discussions, where both of us are fleshing out our ideas. I think over the last couple of years we are actually moving closer to the same way of thinking. I, through reading your blog, have become somewhat more conservative (small c) and I think he has moved away from the GOP and certainly from FOX news.

Anyways, thanks for thoughtful commentary and conversation starters.

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