A Poem For Saturday

Dish poetry editor Alice Quinn writes:

A new volume of poetry by Kevin Simmonds, Bend to It, arrives with praise from the celebrated California poet D.A.Powell, winner of both the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Kingsley Tufts Award, who has said of Simmonds’ new poems, “Piercing the veil of a culture of silence, Kevin Simmonds brilliantly fuses quiet meditative traditions with a courageous impulse to dare beyond the boundaries of convention, to combine the bel canto of Italian art songs with the dynamic energy of James Brown; the tranquility of the zen masters with the fire and heat of the enraptured body.” We’ll post three of Kevin Simmonds’ poems this weekend.

“Lie” by Kevin Simmonds:

I’d write fewer poems
for my father to say
over the flat cell phone
he’s thinking of me
remembers some vital time
now history
when I was a small brown promise
with his wide nostrils     flat feet

just like his daddy
all the women would say & feel good
about saying it

I would give up all the mouths
I’ve fallen into
even the soft ambulance
of a man’s body

(From Bend to It © Kevin Simmonds, 2014. Reprinted with permission by Salmon Poetry)