The Fatherless On Father’s Day

Michele Weldon speaks out for them:

Yes, a life without a father – or a mother – can be difficult. A litany of factors can contribute to a confluence of perilous outcomes stemming from economics, education, and health if there is no father in the family tree. Still, a motherless life does not assign guilt or invite shame the way a fatherless life does. The expectation is that without a father, like pouring dye in a river, you cannot emerge undamaged, unchanged. We do not damn motherless children the same way; we pity them and offer our sympathy, but do not assume they will fail at every turn. The problem is that with this singular belief in Fatherless Doom, we mandate that those who have lost fathers – or simply never found them – are permanently damaged. And that is not the wholesale truth. Salvation is not reserved only for those children with fathers and mothers at home.

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