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So here’s a reason to be cheerful: this fantastic vignette of American democracy alive and well in Mississippi. It’s a Coffee Klatch of octagenarians at Kroger’s in support of Chris McDaniel, and a Democrat walks by:

“How, with no seniority and a promise simply not to get along with anyone, will you accomplish any of the things you want to accomplish?” shouted John Davis, a 77-year-old retired teacher who was shopping at Kroger’s grocery when he noticed Mr. McDaniel about to begin a meet and greet session with about a dozen local retirees.

“What have they accomplished lately by putting us in debt?” shot back Mr. McDaniel, who outpolled Mr. Cochran in the June 3 primary but is facing in a June 24 run off because he did not break 50%.

Mr. Davis, with finger-wagging emphasis, retorted, “What have they accomplished? They have accomplished airports. They have accomplished roads. They have accomplished schools.’’

Shit is going down. The Democrat is really way too loud and won’t sit down, but it only gets a little bit tense:

“Dissent is a good thing in this country but you don’t do it in that manner,” said Mr. McDaniel. He found a way to turn the confrontation into a dig at Mr. Cochran, who has refused to meet his primary opponent in a debate and has been criticized by Mr. McDaniel for not talking more about issues. Mr. McDaniel said of Mr. Davis, “He said more about his positions than Thad Cochran has said in his entire campaign.”

One woman praised Mr. McDaniel for maintaining his composure but told him to be tougher if he gets elected to the Senate. “When you get to Washington, don’t be that nice,’’ said Geri, who asked that her last name not be used.

The video is awesome too. Or maybe I’m just sick of Sunni and Shia and seeing some ancient Southerners have it out at Kroger’s is a balm.

So, anyway, it was Neocon Hathos Day on the Dish and you can get your dose of Cheney here. Kristol here. NPod here. Their unnerving fondness for Hillary Clinton here.

I threw up my arms at the CIA’s latest hopes for a war in Iraq and Syria, while trying to make sense of the resilient resistance to the most important breakthrough in HIV prevention in two decades. Oh, and Boies and Olson are channeling Jo Becker. In some cases, it doesn’t get better, does it?

Plus: the challenges of standing for a month for fitness’ sake; and what taking a simple walk is like if you have autism. Major ’80s nostalgia here.

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