The Best Of The Dish This Weekend

A subscriber writes:

Good GOD! Who ARE you people? My Sunday early morning reading of The Dish is beyond expectations: Led Zeppelin, “Who’s Fucking?”, Patrick Leigh Fermor (I am most grateful to you for the introduction), Tolstoy … jeez, I haven’t even got to the bottom of the page. The sheer variety is stunning. Y’all are worth SO MUCH MORE than the subscription price I paid in February. Can I marry The Dish?

Well that gives you four great posts to revisit over the past couple days – with the paean to Led Zeppelin being a big reader fave. We also ran two poems about birds (and much more than birds): sand-pipers and sand-martins, by Elizabeth Bishop and John Clare, respectively. And a post arguing that Robert Frost should be seen as a great modernist.

Tolstoy gave us our short story for Saturday and Proust gave us advice on how to live. Mary Gaitskill argued that “the more you accept the pain and fear inherent in human experience, the greater your compassion can become.” Four more: trophy wives are more myth than reality; a new evangelical movie is an excruciating piece of victimology; Presbyterians brought gay people fully into the fold; while the Southern Baptists face serious decline. Four words: Buddhist Hell Waterslide Park.

The most popular posts of the day were this hilarious Onion parody of a dating site ad (NSFW); followed by The Most Influential Rock Band Of All Time.

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See you in the morning.