The Secret Lives Of Paintings

James Kerr, aka Scorpion Dagger, makes irreverent GIFs out of Renaissance art. He described his project in an interview this February:

Q: How does your practice relate to collage, or your other pre-GIF art practices?

A: Essentially, I’m using these Renaissance paintings as a palette to draw upon or cut open. So I’ll take a head from a Lucas Cranach the Elder painting, and hand from a Hans Memling painting and put those things together.

Mostly, I’m inspired by the idea of what happens to these types of paintings after a museum closes. I like the idea that the people in the paintings then get on the bus, go home, do the dishes, go to a restaurant. I like to think I’m creating a world for them outside of the museums where you would normally view these pieces of art. I like to think about what the life of these subjects might be away from the painting they are in.

Q: What is your process like? Many analog artists have a sketchbook. How do you collect and develop ideas?

A: Most of my ideas come from things that I see getting played out day to day in my life. The other day I was looking at the water cooler at the office where I work part-time, and I thought, What would it be like to have a water cooler in in the Vatican? Or in the paintings at the Vatican? So I made a GIF about that.

See more of his work here.