Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines


A little while back, I got to meet Matthew Vines and have a sprawling, intensely honest conversation about being gay and Christian, about Biblical inerrancy and whether those who oppose marriage equality can all be described as bigots (they can’t). Subscribers can listen to the full podcast on Deep Dish here. For those of you new to this, Matthew is the author of the remarkable new book, God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships, and also the founder of The Reformation Project.

If you’re interested in the perspective of a gay Harvard drop-out who is devoting his life to religious change and reformation in his home state of Kansas and around the world, he makes for quite the interesting coffee companion. I’ve called his book a depth charge against religious homophobia. I think you’ll see from our conversation why that’s not as outlandish an opinion as it may seem at first blush.

As usual, these podcasts are not designed as interviews; they’re conversations, using the unique capacity of the web to give you a full hour and a half of over-hearing two people talk about the world in ways radio and TV simply cannot match.

But here’s a quick taste of what’s there (and we’ll be featuring a few short clips over the next few days). First up, we discuss both of our realizations, in relatively conservative home backgrounds, that we were gay as well as Christian:


And here’s a discussion of the unique and impossible prohibition that traditional Christianity has imposed on its gay sons and daughters:


Again, the full podcast is here for subscribers.