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Metropolitan Police Passing Out Parade

So I broke down and today carefully took the Pew political typology quiz to determine which segment of the electorate I fit into. I can’t say I found the process that easy. To pick between two ideals, when you really fall somewhere in between both, doesn’t capture quite where you are. But maybe the cumulative weight of 23 answers balances that out. I don’t know. But here’s where I am, according to Pew:

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 1.36.19 PM

I’m a “Young” Outsider. Here’s how Pew describes them:

This relatively young, largely independent group holds a mix of conservative and liberal views. And while more lean toward the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, Young Outsiders generally express unfavorable opinions of both major parties. They are largely skeptical of activist government, as a substantial majority views government as wasteful and inefficient. Yet many diverge from the two conservative typology groups – Steadfast Conservatives and Business Conservatives – in their strong support for the environment and many liberal social policies.

I’m only going to endorse one aspect that seems completely apposite to my particular case: “relatively young.”

Today, I made the case that Greater Israel is a permanent thing, and that all diplomacy that rests on a two-state solution has become largely pointless. I also assume that this fact will perhaps never be conceded by an American president, let alone the American Congress. So our traditional kabuki dance on this question is fast becoming an eternal one. And the deaths – almost entirely Palestinian – will simply mount and mount.

If you read one summary of the legal arguments for and against the Boehner lawsuit against Obama, check out this one. If you still believe that Iraq is a country, then check out the latest rift between Shi’a and Kurds, even as the Sunni revolution knock on Baghdad’s door. A classic Dish thread on under-tipping has started with gusto; and we covered a rare but real phenomenon – people who die of grief. Plus: a window view from a drone operator Dishhead in Afghanistan.

The most popular post of the day was Understanding the Permanence Of Greater Israel, followed by The Revenge Doctrine, Ctd.

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(Photo: Not a sketch from Monty Python. Police cadets who have completed their training take part in their ‘Passing Out Parade’ in the grounds of West Ham United Football Club on July 14, 2014 in London, England. By Oli Scarff/Getty Images)