The Impeachment Minority


About one third of Americans want to impeach Obama, which is “similar to attitudes towards the potential impeachment of President Bush in 2007”:

In 2007, 36% of Americans said that Bush had not abused his powers, while 39% say that same about Obama. Similarly, 32% say that Obama should be impeached and removed from office, while 34% said the same about Bush in 2007.

Perhaps predictably, these attitudes towards the impeachment of Bush and Obama differ significantly according to partisan affiliation. Most Democrats (54%) supported impeaching Bush in 2007, while 68% of Republicans today think that it would be justified to impeach Obama. Overall, 35% of Americans say that impeaching Obama would be justified, while 36% said the same in a 2007 USA Today/Gallup poll.

Allahpundit puts the poll in context:

See now why there’s so little appetite among pols, including and especially among Republican candidates for Senate, to back Palin up? Even among Republican voters, 36 percent oppose impeachment. How do you build political momentum for removing him when you’re starting in a hole that deep? The silver lining is that a near-majority of the public does think Obama’s exceeded the limits of his authority as president, 49/34, including an eye-popping split among indies of 52/25.