Book Club: Montaigne As Your Mentor, Ctd

On Monday I’m planning to start the discussion over Sarah Bakewell’s How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer, so buy the book here if you’d like to join in. My intro to the book selection is here. A reader writes:

Great book recommendation, but I’m pretty pissed at the number of Game Of Thrones 513f2INPtgLspoilers that Bakewell crams in her work. Henri II is killed in a jousting tournament when his visor is knocked off and a splinter is lodged in his brain? Then his adolescent son takes over under the domineering regency of Cersei – I mean Catherine de Medici? Just replace “Huguenots” with “White Walkers” and I think I know how George RR Martin will end Song of Ice and Fire.

Seriously, this small passage in page 70 of my copy of How To Live was a great reminder that the Middle Ages were more brutal and hostile than even our modern imaginations. Actual history beats the hell out of fantasy.


I’m a subscriber to Dish, and enjoy the quality of its thought and breadth of exposure to interesting issues. For the second time now, I’ve downloaded a book you’ve recommended (just bought How to Live and just finished On Looking). But when I click on a link to give you credit for the purchase, it only takes me to the Kindle edition.  I prefer Apple iBooks, to be read on my iPad.  (Yes, I’ve drunk thebookclub-beagle-tr iKoolAid.)  So I get out of Amazon, go to Apple, and buy the book there, but then you don’t get any credit, or even the knowledge that people are buying stuff you recommend.  You might consider additional links to those of us who prefer a different online format.

The iBooks link is here. To help you find the book at a public library, go here. But this link to Amazon is the only way to support the Dish with some affiliate revenue (especially if you purchase other things on your shopping list during that web session). It’s pennies on the dollar, but those pennies add up for a small independent company.