New Ways To Subscribe

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A Founding Member of the Dish writes:

Thanks for the email reminder. I just renewed – and it was very convenient using my Amazon account.

Indeed, earlier this month, Tinypass made it possible to pay with your Amazon account. And another reader points out:

I don’t know if you noticed yet, but Tinypass users can now pay in Bitcoin.

The company doesn’t take Dogecoin yet, but stay tuned. Meanwhile, another Founding Member rejoins the Dish:

Howler Beagle (tr)Ok! You wore me down! I have missed having full access to you. I like the $1.99 option, because I’ll barely notice that each month. I’ve been a loyal reader since you started this thing many years ago (you and Instapundit were my first two internet obsessions … at least I got one of those right in the end; he really went off the deep-end eventually didn’t he?), and I’m happy to help make this new model successful for you. Keep up the great work.

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