New Dish Shirts: A Big Response From Readers


[Update: Premium tri-blend t-shirts no longer available. 100% cotton versions here.]


Orders are starting to pour in for our new t-shirts and polos, both detailed here. If you’re interested in a shirt but haven’t bought one yet, don’t delay – go here now! We’re about to print our first big order of shirts, so act now to get yours in the first shipment. One happy customer writes:

Finally, Andrew, finally. I can now claim my Dishness loud and proud wandering around Denver. Order placed! This little experiment of yours is the best chance to save journalism. Hope more swag is on the way.

It is. Another owner of a new shirt:

I bought one despite my frequent disagreements with you. Good luck with the retail endeavor.


Boom! Just ordered a blue women’s t-shirt. Just in time, too, before I move abroad!


Another doubled-down:

God help me I just bought two. Will I get hit on by bears if I wear these? If so I’ll order more …


WooHoo! Finally, I just purchased a baby blue t-shirt and I love the simple design. I can’t wait to see how it fits – I’m particular with the fit of t-shirts since most are too short after one washing. If all goes good I am getting the gray one also.

The high-quality tri-blend fabric is designed not to shrink. Another reader:

Sweet. Earlier this week, my subscription to the Dish auto-renewed and I missed the chance to up my contribution for the year like I had intended.  Now ordering a polo gives me a chance to make up for it.

And just as our gift subscriptions are great for birthdays, a Dish shirt for your friend or family member could be as well. Or you could wait a little, like this reader:

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.02.53 AMThe new T-shirts look great! I have to say, the resemblance between the Howler T and my cousin’s beagle upon finding me in their guest bedroom/basement/his territory is uncanny. I think I know what my cousin is getting for Christmas.


I’d like to lodge an official protest. Where are the slogans we voted on?  Nothing on the back?  Now, mind you, this didn’t stop me from buying one. But if you later come out with slogan t-shirts I’m going to be pissed!

We are definitely keeping the slogans in mind for other merch, such as mugs and totes, but there wasn’t enough demand for individual slogans to use them for the screen-printed bulk ordering process we’re doing for these shirts, in order to keep costs down. Another reader suggests for the “next round: please also do long-sleeve versions for chilly Portland.” Duly noted. Another’s input was implemented:

Just ordered two shirts – the grey t-shirt and the navy polo. Thanks for going with the Dish beagle logo. That’s what I voted for when you gave us the chance to chime in.

One more satisfied customer:

As a big fan from the New Republic-then-blog-tip-jar days, how could I resist these shirts? Plus I’m DOG PEOPLE from way back.  I got me a Howler and a navy polo and look forward to people asking what they’re about.  Apropos of which: why don’t you get your current intern or Special Teams to work up a simple one-page promo “flyer” or some such, that us hardcore fans could give to curious fellow truth-or-whatever seekers?  In my life and work I interact with a lot of potential Dish readers, mostly smart and curious like your base readership. Just suggestin’.

P.S. I’m not much in the looks department, but when I get shirts I’ll take a picture with my darling little bitches: Two Tibetan terriers (mostly – they’re mutts) about 18 months old.  Beagles aren’t the ONLY game in town.

Definitely send some pics our way. And as far as a one-page promo “flyer”, this page describing the shirts in detail and illustrating them with photos might do the trick. Thanks to all our merch customers for supporting the Dish. And a big shout-out to Jerzy Shustin and everyone else at BustedTees who set up our storefront and helped shepherd us through this often bewildering process. Jerzy is actually a long-time Dishhead and wrote to us when we first started talking about doing t-shirts, asking if we needed any help. So like most things on the Dish, you readers are integral to its success.