Did Israel Share Its Kerry Intercepts With Russia?

We know from Der Spiegel that our “number one ally” intercepted John Kerry’s phone calls during the recent peace process negotiations. But a top Israeli source tells Ken Richard Silverstein that Russia was also involved: “Israel provides Russia with transcripts of the Kerry calls it intercepts when his plane is within tracking distance. And Russia does the same when Kerry’s calls are intercepted by its agents.” It’s win-win for Putin and Netanyahu in trying to sabotage international efforts to restrain their respective ethnic expansionism. Money quote:

My source had this to say: “It’s a ‘fruitful ongoing joint venture’ initiated by Lieberman thanks to his Moscow connections. Israel provides Russia with recordings of intercepted calls Kerry makes flying over the Middle East, and Russia provides Israel with recordings of calls he makes flying over Central Asia, the Far East & the Pacific Ocean. The source notes this ‘joint venture’ became extremely important for Moscow since last February – because of the Ukrainian crisis.

Putin and Netanyahu: a meeting of like minds.