New Shirts: A Big Response From Readers, Ctd

Heads up that we will soon discontinue the highest-quality tri-blend version of the t-shirts, so if you are planning to get one, order now before it’s too late! Full details on all of our shirts here. More satisfied customers keep sounding off:

I bought the lone Howler t-shirt as I agreed with your take on the insider-ness of it … plus it avoids the potential awkwardness of a “secret Dish-shake”, that would logically involve either rubbing noses or sniffing each other’s rear ends.

A very reluctant reader:

I won’t be buying a t-shirt. I need you to know that it’s not you. I do this with just about every online T-shirt merchant these days. We fat people, we exist. I ain’t saying this to get sympathy. I run on the treadmill three times a week and look over and say to myself, damn, I’m a sexy man. Thank God for mirrors at the gym! Suits my inner narcissist, so suppressed everywhere else. And I can rock the Growlr/Scruff circuit with the best of them.

Anyway, us fat people, we exist, and we white-polosometimes like to buy clothing. Shocking, I know, that fat people might want to put on clothes, given how fantastically sexy we are as a collective. Yet for some reason, merchandisers don’t like to provide clothes for us. That “Haters Gonna Hate” t-shirt from BustedTees? I bought the 3X, super excited, only to get a shirt that from other merchandisers would have only been an XL and I now only get to where on Bear Night at Jackhammer, when, you know, I’m trying to be SUPER SEXY.

So, while I’d love to get a Dish shirt for the nights at the club, I won’t be. Because I would like you to know that I encourage people as much as I can to provide me with shirts in sizes I can wear just grocery shopping and not when I’m trying to titillate the chubby chasers. And it breaks my heart that these apparently attractive shirts are being offered in conjunction with a merchandiser that displays zero interest in providing a range of sizes for people with larger bodies. Thanks for all you do, otherwise!

But the two polo shirts – in navy blue and white – actually run larger than the typical shirt, and sizes go up to XXXL. While the reader has concerns over the slimmer flit of BustedTees’ own shirts, which have a similar fit to our American Apparel t-shirts, the polos are made by a different company, Port Authority. We made it so that all sorts of Dish readers – from skinny hipsters to bulky bears, from gym-going millennials to golf-playing seniors – have a shirt option that works for him or her. Speaking of her, a reminder that we have women’s sizes in both t-shirts, rather than the generic “unisex” sizes. And speaking of bears like the one above:

My partner and I recently returned from Provincetown. It was Bear Week. We passed you several times in front of the Wired andrew_howler-teePuppy.  He had just ordered a Dish Shirt, and I asked, “Wouldn’t it be great if there were something we could have worn ‘every day’ during that week that would let all the Dishheads and fellow bears know who we were?”  The tees and polos are a great idea, but we just don’t want to wear the same shirt every day. A hat, on the other hand, with the same logo would be very convenient. Any chance of that happening? We might even buy several.

We’ll consider hats too, but not for a while. Mugs are coming next.