“The Non-Inhaler, The Twelve-Stepper, And The Roof-Hitter”

That’s Rick Hertzberg’s priceless description of our last three presidents and their relationship to weed. Rick thinks that Barry O has been playing the long game on marijuana sanity (as do I) but thinks it’s time for something a little more expeditious:

When it comes to executive orders, the roof-hitter has a long way to go before he catches up with Carter (320), Reagan (381), Clinton (364), or George W. Bush (291). At last count, Obama had issued a hundred and eighty-three. One more he could issue—and should, without delay—would remove marijuana from the government’s list of Schedule I drugs, which includes heroin and LSD, and demote it to, say, Schedule V, down there with codeine cough syrup—or, at the very least, to Schedule II, with cocaine and methadone. It’s time for Obama to get out in front of the parade.