What’s Your Favorite Place To Read? Ctd


Sending the above photo, a reader answers:

This spot (so I can get high).

Another in Boston:

My favorite place is the MBTA’s Red Line. I get on at Alewife (the end of the line) so I always get a seat, and I read all the way to Downtown Crossing.  I’ve been doing this commute for twelve years and I think I’ve read more in this fifth of my life than in the other four-fifths combined.

Another can’t pick just one:

My number one most favorite place to read is in the bathtub.  For a while, I had a water-proof protective case for my i-Pad, because I was afraid I would drop it in the tub, but then decided that it was too annoying, so now I just take my chances.  So far, so good.  A bonus is that, unlike books, which get a little waterlogged just from little drops of water on my hands even when I don’t actually drop the book in the tub,  the i-Pad is amazingly impervious to water.  My screen often looks like it is quite dirty, though, when in fact, it is just streaked with soap.

My second most favorite place to read is on the train.

I hate commuting, it sucks, but the one good thing about it is that for 70 minutes a day, 35 minutes each way (plus whatever time I am on the train waiting for it to leave) I am stuck sitting in one place, and can read uninterrupted, without guilt that I should be doing something else.  I try to sit in the quiet car, all the way in the back where no one bothers me.

Finally, I like to read in restaurants, while I am having lunch on a work day usually.  Even when I’m very busy at work, I will usually find time to grab a bite to eat, and will read while I do so.  The i-Pad also has increased my reading efficiency in this regard.  When I am reading a physical book (which I still do regularly, although not nearly as much as I read on my i-Pad) the book will flip shut if I have to let go to pick up a sandwich or cut something, so I may have to put the book down between bites, or balance a ketchup bottle on it to keep it open.  With the i-Pad, I just prop it up, and read hands free.

More reader responses here. Update from another:

I have lots of favorite places to read, but I’m also the mom to 19 month old, so life is not as flexible as it used to be. So right now, my favorite place to read is on my couch, after the boy has gone to bed, with a glass of wine on the side table and the sweet silent hiss of the baby monitor in my ear. It’s heaven when I can stay up late enough to get through a chapter.

I’m loving this thread, which is a nice break amidst all the heartbreak.