Face Of The Day


Miho Aikawa photographs the “private dinner moments” of New Yorkers. In an artist’s statement, she explains what the project means to her:

Growing up, both of my parents had full­time jobs and it was difficult for us to spend time together. They decided that we will try to have dinner together as often as possible to share time among the family. … Having dinner is not just about eating food, and dinner time portrays many aspects of our lives more than lunch or breakfast would, since the term “dinner” refers to the main meal in a day. … My theme is to propose thinking what a dinner should be by objectively seeing different dinner situations. Dinner can be a social activity but for my project I wanted to focus more on private dinner moments which takes place regularly and more often. So I always ask my subject to have dinner in the manner they normally would.

My photo project has a voyeuristic perspective and it’s one of the key elements. Dinner time is usually private and shows a part of the person’s life style. My attempt is to capture such subtle as well as important moments that pass by our daily lives and convey them through the form of photography.

See more pictures from the series here, and check out her other work here.