A Zoolander Award? Ctd

by Phoebe Maltz Bovy

So many contenders for the Zoolander Award for fashion absurdity!

One reader nominates “The Kanye West $120 plain white t-shirt. Not absurd for the look but for the price and claiming it is somehow ‘fashion’. Not sure there is a better example of how much of a con the industry can be at times.”

This has potential. The only problem is the one the reader notes, namely that the shirt itself is inoffensive:


Another reader nominates some boat shoes that look as if oil – specifically, BP oil – had spilled on them. This does visually prefigure the mud shoe, but because the proceeds apparently went to charity, it seems somehow wrong to give it the Award. And yet, boat shoes (said as someone who does, in fact, own a pair). The preppy-filthy combination does have a whiff of Derelicte about it.

But I think we have our winner:

From a swanky lingerie shop in NY:


Because we all need $525 Mickey Mouse ears.  Because they’re sexy? Ummm…

What did it for me was the e-commerce site’s product description:

Fantasy-inspired couture headpieces made by hand in New York City by milliner Heather Huey. Custom sizing available upon request.

  • Hand-wrapped vinyl wire headband
  • Vinyl covered fur felt mouse ears
  • One size

“Vinyl covered fur felt mouse ears,” for $525. Yes.