Email Of The Day

by Dish Staff


A reader writes:

I am writing to say that I will miss Elizabeth Nolan Brown and Phoebe Maltz Bovy when their guest-blogging tenure is over. I am sure there are plenty of laments thrown your way about their female- and youthful-centric topics, but I have to say that the Dish has turned into a far more interesting version of Jezebel this week.

I am by no means a libertarian, save in one area: feminism. And as such, I have agreed with pretty much everything Ms Brown has written on the matter. I was bobbing my head throughout her piece on prostitution. And I loved how Ms Bovy takes a seemingly superficial topic like fashion and spins it toward an essay on cultural appropriation.

So thank you for inviting them this week, and you can be sure that I will seek out their blogs to read more of their writing.

It’s been a joy having them on the blog this week. And Phoebe will continue her role as a Dishtern, so you may see her writing again soon. For more on the two women, check out their intros. Read all of Phoebe’s posts here and all of Elizabeth’s posts here.

(Photos: Phoebe on the left, Elizabeth on the right)