The President And The Fashion Police

by Dish Staff

Obama wore a tan suit to a big press conference. Was it a fashion don’t or the height of chic? Danielle Kurtzleben rounds up a bunch of tweets fashion-shaming the President, under a headline deeming the controversy “a promising sign of gender equality.” An example Kurtzleben cites:

Eric Dodds defends the choice as within the range of normal business attire:

The tan suit is just another suit that happens to be a slightly different color than the ones he normally wears. It was, in no way, a fashion statement.

Here is a brief list of fashion choices that would have been “bold” or “wack-ass” that the President could have made yesterday:

1. T-shirt with suit and sleeves rolled up (aka the “Miami Vice“).

2.Whatever Austin Mahone was wearing at the VMAs.

3. Crocs.

But the President did not wear any of those things. Nor did he wear a three-piece suit, a seersucker suit or a white suit. Hell, he didn’t even opt for the Reagan mullet suit (business on the top, lounging on the bottom).

But what did the suit mean? Elahe Izadi asks a fashion journalist:

But this suit was TAN. So, what message is he trying to send exactly? We consulted our in-house fashion expert – Pulitzer prize winner Robin Givhan – to answer just that question.  “There is nothing wrong with that suit – well, except it’s a little big,” Givhan said. “As they always are.” She added:

It says more about official, federal, political Washington that anything other than a dark suit with a white shirt and red tie counts as some sort of aesthetic heresy. That is a conservative two-button suit in a color that is perfectly appropriate for the time of year and the occasion. This was not a ‘formal’ news conference. Honestly, people are responding like he showed up in Pharrell Williams’ short suit. I’m appalled by the Twitter feeds.