The Best Of The Dish Today

Every now and again, the truth emerges from the cult:

For the past couple of weeks, I have been trapped in a dystopia of sorts. I am in New York, ostensibly on a sabbatical, during which I intended to rattle off a 400-page thriller and maybe have a romcom-style meet-cute in Central Park. Instead, I have found myself spiralling into hysteria, driven slowly mad by the New York subway. On first appearance, it is like the London underground – trains, tickets, announcements, the crush of bodies. But then, slowly, the entire system reveals itself to you. It is the work of a sadist, cooked up in a fever dream and delivered with a flourish and an unhinged grin …

Read the whole thing. I particularly loved this:

Where in London the Central line (red) is distinct from the Piccadilly (dark blue), which is markedly different from the Hammersmith and City line (pink), New York’s map has designated the same forest green to the 4, the 5 and the 6 lines. The B, D, F and M all rejoice in exactly the same shade of violent orange … But wait, there’s more! There are no live departure boards on the vast majority of the network’s platforms. It means you descend into the bowels of the city with no idea when your next train will be.

Lagos is more civilized.

Today, we analyzed the relatively tepid support for another Iraq war among Americans; and the sad Arab coalition against ISIS, even as the president banged the war drums at the UN; I wasn’t buying Michael Tomasky’s view that this war is utterly unlike any of Bush’s (oh yes it is!); and we noted how far Obama has come from his original mentor, Abraham Lincoln, when it comes to war and peace. We also covered yet another firing of another faithful Catholic for marrying the man he loves – and the grotesquery of the Archbishop who mandated it. Plus: koala fight!

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A reader writes:

I’m so honored you posted my photo of Palm Beach, Aruba. This is particularly meaningful because I traveled to Aruba to see my youngest brother marry his husband on that beach last Sunday. When we learned that strangers on the public beach would be able to observe the ceremony, we feared hostile reactions from the crowd (or boorish behavior by drunks). You will be pleased to know that when the onlookers of many ages and nationalities and races realized that a gay couple was marrying, they grew both hushed and excited to witness history changing (one woman urgently waved her children to her side to watch us). Many applauded and cheered at the ceremony’s end. A Chilean woman told my brother she was so glad he did this, as she has a gay son. So much to be joyful about.

See you in the morning.