Jim Webb Flirts With A Run, Ctd

Jason Zengerle doesn’t think Webb’s presidential run is gonna happen:

While it’s possible that the Obama administration’s military campaign in the Middle East will continue to escalate, it’s hard to envision it turning into a catastrophe on the scale of Vietnam or the second Iraq Warand it’s equally hard to imagine Hillary Clinton, hawkish as she may be, morphing into a figure as loathsome, in Webb’s mind, as a draft-dodging Georgetown law student or George W. Bush. Absent those motivating factors, I just don’t see Webbthe rare politician who doesn’t crave the spotlightsustaining a presidential campaign. After all, he’d been in the Senate for only a couple months when he complained to GQ’s Ryan Lizza that “To me, government is a cage.” If Webb felt cooped up in the Senate, wait until he gets to spend a couple days on a campaign bus barreling across Iowa.

Ed Kilgore responds:

If [Zengerle’s] right, [Webb’s] anger with Obama over national security policy will burn out before 2016 votes are cast, and those who want a real challenger to Hillary Clinton could be disappointed. But on the other hand, for those who simply want to “keep Hillary honest” without denying her the nomination, maybe Webb is just the fiery tonic the doctor ordered.

But PM Carpenter argues that “if anybody has a shot at defeating Hillary, Webb does. The problem, though, is of course money”:

Yesterday, a Jim Webb-“intrigued” reader sent me a video of the former senator’s address to the National Press Club, and asked what I thought of his possible candidacy. My answer was that, in my opinion, “” Hillary will have a lock on it, and if Webb begins to threaten her in Iowa or elsewhere, she’ll unleash it on him with the ethical care of a Mitt Romney.  But, on occasion we do witness the impotence of big money. Lord knows Hillary’s head start in 2007’s graft-chase never did her much good, since as a presidential candidate, her irrepressible negatives outweighed her positive cash flow.

Jennifer Rubin feels Webb has a real shot:

Dems love a veteran who turns dove. (“John Kerry reporting for duty!” And don’t forget how they swooned over Chuck Hagel.) And he certainly will fulfill the left’s anti-interventionist yearnings.

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