How The Clintons Hide In Plain Sight

International Leaders And Luminaries Attend Clinton Global Initiative

Matthew Continetti is tired of the Clintons’ “passive-aggressive, push-pull tactic of complaining about and condemning supposedly harsh media coverage even as she and her husband and their minions use access and connections to advance their preferred narratives, bullying reporters and outlets who do not conform, and responding to press inquiries with snark and insults and flip and mendacious retorts”:

What is more I am tired of the mainstream media’s complicity in the manipulation and goaltending, the manner in which reporters for establishment outlets accept the Clintons’ absurd regulations and spin, for reasons that are baffling and mysterious to me: whether it is out of ideological or partisan bias, or journalistic self-interest, or the calculation that one day bills will have to be paid, the scribbling will have to end, and jobs in the White House or at SKDKnickerbocker will have to be obtained. …

It will be the unabashedly ideological media that provides the best coverage of the corporatist “centrist” stalking her way back to power. And not just the conservative media: There is plenty of sublimated progressive grumbling at, and critical reporting of, the Hillary juggernaut. Alex Seitz-Wald of MSNBC wrote a fair-minded piece, “The agony and the ecstasy of the Clintons at CGI,” that was a much clearer analysis of the event than any in the major papers. Seitz-Wald went so far as to mention the “elitism problem” and “Wall Street problem” that dog the Clintons, whose idea of combating income inequality is to talk about it while vacationing in a multimillion dollar mansion in the Hamptons, then rub their chins at lavish uplit plenary sessions with Hollywood celebrities and foreign leaders and the head of Goldman Sachs.

My own view is that Clinton is a very establishment, corporate candidate in a very populist, restless era. Maybe the public mood will want some reassurance at the top in a troubled time – the restoration of a royal family to the throne. Or maybe the reverse. I just don’t see anyone out there capable of marshaling that kind of populist campaign against Clinton or against the GOP establishment either. You need exceptional talent to pull off what Obama pulled off in 2008. Cruz is too scary; Paul, alas, does not seem very presidential; Warren has no intuitive way to connect to white working class populism; Rubio looks like a high school debating kid, with a Reagan handbook.

I remember what Hitch once said: the Clintons are always the last people to leave a meeting. Their will to power is unstoppable. But that doesn’t mean others cannot protest as the bandwagon grinds relentlessly forward.

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(Photo: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton watches a video at the opening plenary session of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), on September 22, 2014 in New York City. By John Moore/Getty Images)