A Short Film For Sunday

The Missing Scarf, the above short film by Eoin Duffy, is “a virtuosic piece of motion design, character animation, and above all, storytelling”:

The Missing Scarf becomes an analytical examination of the aftermath of loss. How do we deal with fear of the unknown, of failure, and rejection? Moreover, how do we process? What’s the point of living if we’re all just molecules floating through the universe, slowly counting the clock ticks until our eventual demise? The existential concepts may not be new, but Eoin’s approach to the subject certainly is. Using the tone of a child’s storybook reading, the film lulls the viewer into a certain sense of complacency. So, when the more philosophical topics hit, the change in dynamic is a punch in the metaphorical nards. It’s cute, dark, and even a little bit cheeky.

As for the narration, well, if the voice sounds familiar that’s because it belongs to none other than George Takei. In his search for famous vocals, Duffy presented Takei with polished animatics of the film. The actor loved the look and story and agreed to take part in the project.