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US Supreme Court Declines To Hear Appeals On Same-Sex Marriage Cases

I got an email from a friend today. The subject line read simply enough:

I’m married at home!

He explained:

The Virginia AG has announced that my marriage is now recognized in our home state. Well, that’s not his precise wording. But knowing this might happen did not prepare me for the joy I feel.

“Married at home”. How crazy that those two things could have been understood as separate for so long.

Our coverage of the momentous non-decision today began here, with bloggers puzzling what it all meant here, and the shoe really beginning to drop here. My reflections on the Court’s minimalism and the wisdom of avoiding a gay Roe vs Wade here. Ted Cruz has a cow here. The data now showing more than half of all Americans in states where marriage equality is the law is here.  Plus: a piercing theological defense of the full inclusion of gays in the Catholic church – delivered last Friday in Rome.

And news you won’t find on Fox: how the Obama recovery beats the Reagan recovery in terms of private sector job growth.

The most popular post of the day was SCOTUS Clears The Way For Marriage Equality, followed by Obama Beats Reagan In Private Sector Job Growth.

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