Tweeting Faith

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Kimberly Winston flags a of study of 92 million American Twitter users of varying religious backgrounds, noting that “atheists – among the smallest populations in the US – are the most prolific” tweeters. Other findings:

  • Of the five specifically religious groups studied, Muslims are the most active on Twitter based on the average number of tweets, and Muslims and Jews have the most friends and followers compared with other religions. …
  • While Pope Francis may have a lot of Twitter followers – 4.54 million – other faith-related celebrities popular among those studied include the Dalai Lama, Rick Warren, Tim Tebow and Richard Dawkins. But the bigger the religious celebrity, the more likely he or she was to have a high number of followers outside his or her own faith group.
  • The study also found that while self-identified religious Twitter users talk about topics specific to the faith they adhere to (Christians talk about Jesus, atheists talk about science), all the studied faith groups had similar concerns. A tag cloud of the most commonly tweeted words across all the studied groups were “love,” “life,” “work” and “happy.”

(Image: A ‘friend cloud’ showing the top 15 Twitter accounts followed by each group of religious users studied. Via U.S. Religious Landscape on Twitter)