Peen Review

A reader points to the above NSFW scene in reference to me claiming that Harvey Keitel had “the most famous dick-shot in movie-history”:

I beg to differ! Surely the big reveal of Jaye Davidson‘s, um, davidson in The Crying Game takes the title?

Another doesn’t agree:

Certainly it must be Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.

NSFW and after the jump, because Dirk Diggler’s dong:

Another vote for The Crying Game:

The Piano? Are you kidding me? Dissertations have been written about The Crying Game, and it’s spawned many parodies, including this scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and this one from Naked Gun 33 1/3.  You did know, didn’t you?

Dish editor Chris earns his paycheck for the day:

Don’t forget the split-second schlong at the very end of Fight Club (which was only available on YouTube within the German version):

A reader comments:

I’m just guessing, but it seems pretty cut-and-dry clear to me that you don’t see erect penises on TV or in movies for the same reason you don’t see spread-open vaginas: both indicate sexual intent. Unlike a flaccid penis or bare breasts that fall into the category of nudity, an erection crosses that line, since an erection only serves one purpose. The same can be said of an open vagina. At that point you are only one degree away from porn.

So, unless you’re watching porn, it’s highly unlikely you will ever see either of those things on the big, or little, screen. And to be perfectly honest, I really prefer it that way. When I watch porn, I want to see aroused genitalia and explicit sex. But when I watch TV or movies for actual entertainment, I don’t need or want to witness an actor’s erection or wet vagina to understand sex is about to occur. I’m not that voyeuristic.

Another adds:

This is the kind of movie talk I never get to engage in at TCM.  Thanks?

Quite welcome.