Peen Review, Ctd

NSFW, because Oz:

Readers point to some lesser-known shows and films with major peenage:

I love that this is a current thread! Check out Shortbus by John Cameron Mitchell (director of Hedwig and the Angry Inch) for some serious onscreen peen, and an overall excellent film about the city you love to hate: NYC.

Another adds regarding Shortbus, “How often in a non-porn, ‘art’, ‘indie’ movie do you see this much explicit sexual behavior that is clearly a legitimate part of the storytelling?” Many other readers sound off:

Given all that’s going on in the world, it seems a little weird to email you about boners on TV, but here are two notable instances that stand up – er – stand out:

Adam Scott getting a handy in HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me, and the masturbation scene in the French film Swimming Pool. I’m reluctant to link you to PornHub for clips, but of all the TV and movies I’ve seen, those are the only two times in somewhat mainstream setting that I’ve seen a boner on screen (even though Adam’s was a prosthetic and the one in Swimming Pool was just a semi in a banana hammock).

I wouldn’t include the gratuitous scene at the beginning of Antichrist because, well, awful movie.


FYI: Under The Skin, released this year and starring Scarlett Johansson, featured quite a few erect members. It was also a pretty great movie.


Outside of porn, I doubt any movie serves peen-hunting cinema fans more extravagantly than Stranger By the Lake. You’ve got soft peen, hard peen, young peen, old peen, blowjobs, cumshots, ubiquitous fucking, and even entire scenes that span minutes of dialog with peen front and center. It sounds gratuitous, but if you’re gonna make a grim, unnervingly quiet thriller about cruising, danger, and sexual obsession that has any semblance to reality, it’s gotta have plenty of peen.

And another:

I vote for the naked wrestling scene – Alan Bates and Oliver Reed – in Women in Love:

I saw the movie in Wellington, New Zealand, and when the dicks started flopping, one old lady behind whispered to her companion that it was so nice to see a real log fire.

Updates from several more readers:

The movie Angels and Insects has an erect penis at a big reveal (heh) in the film, where Mark Rylance walks in on his wife in bed with … someone she should NOT be sleeping with.  The shot of the erection makes the scene even more … gruesome (I’ll leave it at that).

Another erection:

OK, I have to weigh in, as no reader has picked up the most egregious “mainstream” example I know of: The Brown Bunny with Vincent Gallo and the usually delightful Chloe Sevigny.

Another points to more “peen on the screen”:

Offhand, I’d say the original Bear Cub (Cachorro) has bear ween during the opening credits too explicit for American theaters. But as far as the US: Robin Williams in Fisher King:


Go here for more SFW images of starpower peen, including Ewan McGregor and Kevin, er, Bacon. Another reader:

If the thread continues, we’d be remiss not to include Bob Hoskins’ nude scene from Mrs. Henderson Presents.

A final reader refers to the video in our previous post:

In The Crying Game, at the moment of reveal, it would have been more true to life had that penis been throbbingly erect, not hanging limply.

“Throbbingly erect” is a first for the Dish.