The State Of The Race In Kansas

Last night a reader wrote from the Sunflower State about being “beaten to a pulp … on my phone”:

Hey Andrew & Co., I don’t know if you’re getting any traffic/messages on this, but the robocalls here in Kansas are incessant, demoralizing, and one-sided … at least if my experience, and the experiences of my friends and colleagues, are any sort of indicator. I have used my mobile device to record four calls today – to my office phone. I work at a state university here in Kansas. Pat Roberts has decided to beat people into submission. Here’s Newt GingrichRand Paul, Ted Cruz [embedded above], and Dr. Milton Wolf (he was the biggest threat to Roberts during the primaries and was exposed for sharing autopsy photos on his Facebook account and blog … and making jokes about them).

Again, this is ONE WORK DAY … so far.

My message light has been blinking all morning, which means there are messages from the weekend and Friday night. I’m sure I have more. I averaged about one or two per evening last week, just before Halloween. Tim Huelskamp’s wife called one evening. I think that’s the only state candidate I’ve heard from – all the other calls have been stumping for Pat Roberts.

I can’t wait for Wednesday morning.

Join the club. Update from a reader with some crucial perspective:

I’ve worked on two Congressional campaigns and managed a state legislative campaign.

Every campaign manager with any sense knows robocalls have no effect whatsoever. This has been known, and proven over and over, for at least 10 years. Money quote:

Don Green, a political science professor at Yale, subjected robo-calls to 12 randomized experiments for his 2004 book “Get Out the Vote: How to Increase Voter Turnout.” The results, he says, were revealing. “These calls never raise voter turnout. They have no mobilization effect, and no persuasion effect either. What matters is whether they change the probability of voting, and robo-calls have proven they do not.”

Never. Raise. Turnout. No Persuasion Effect. Ever. Any campaign sending out even one robocall is wasting its money and hurting its own cause.

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