The Best Of The Dish Today

A glimpse last night at the Dish’s office – i.e. wherever our laptops happen to be:

And just when I get the socks right:

I’m not sure what to add after today’s wave of depressive developments. But scroll down and you’ll find most every cranny and occasional nook of the post-election upshot covered. My own cri de coeur about the emptiness of the Republican mandate is here. Yesterday’s post on where Obama (didn’t really) go wrong is here. Those two were the most popular posts of the day.

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A final email for the day:

I’ve been reading this blog probably 5 times a day since February 5th, 2008, when Andrew spoke at a convocation at Lawrence University in Wisconsin on Super Tuesday, and it has been huge in shaping my thinking since then. However, I thought you might get a particular kick out of the fact that I now run and design a Jazz Vespers service as the music director of a Protestant church, and this blog is easily my chief source of material, be it art that you’ve used for various posts, ALL of the poetry (but particularly that of Christian Wiman) or quotes like “pressed up against the window of unfolding history.” The next service is entirely inspired by “Untier of Knots.” I sort of feel like I owe it to you to figure out a way to use some Pet Shop Boys …

See you in the morning.