Christie’s Achilles Heel

His economic record:

No, as much as national pundits like to bemoan Christie’s demeanor and as much as events like Bridgegate have underscored Christie’s reputation as a bully and a back-room brawler, his biggest campaign trail albatross is a more fundamental challenge—one he can’t fix with a smart made-for-YouTube put-down. Chris Christie’s greatest challenge as he contemplates moving onto the national stage is that his own state looks to be in rough shape.

What doesn’t play well on YouTube? As many as 10,000 people unemployed because of the closure, in a matter of months, of at least a third of the casinos in Atlantic City. What doesn’t play well on YouTube? The second worst credit rating among states in the nation. What doesn’t play well on YouTube? Unlike the nation as a whole, which has more than recovered the jobs it lost during the recession, New Jersey has yet to recover half of its lost jobs. Christie once declared a “New Jersey Comeback,” but he has since abandoned that narrative. Opponents in 2016 will want to tell Americans why.