Marriage Equality Update

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It comes from a reader this time:

I just thought I’d pass a note that earlier today, the Supreme Court blocked a final effort by South Carolina’s Attorney General in requesting a delay in the issuance of marriage licenses for same-sex couples.  Today at noon, South Carolina became the first state in the Deep South to not only recognize same-sex unions in other states, but allow its courts to issue certificates to same-sex couples. Charleston – which is like Austin, a blue spot in a red state – naturally lead the way, with their judge issuing certificates a day ahead of schedule.

However, today’s rejection of the stay means that all counties in the state can no longer withhold their objections.  Of course, this can be deeply unpopular in this conservative state, but a growing number of Lowcountry-based Republicans, including my state senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort), have begun to realize that this is as much of interest to libertarian sensibilities, and have thus given up their objections on principles of governance, despite their personal convictions. Wishful thinking for the Bob Jones-inspired “conservatives” that dominate in the Upstate. No matter… they have now lost.

When Harvey Gantt integrated Clemson University peacefully in 1963, he had a great quote: “If one cannot appeal to the morals of South Carolinians, one should appeal to their manners.” In the ensuing months and years ahead, you will find the angry attitudes found by many who oppose this gradually wash away as their co-workers, friends, and, yes, family members earn dignity in the ability to marry the one they love.

South Carolina’s state motto is Dum Spiro Spero – “while I breath, I hope.” Today, we can know hope in the Palmetto State.