Now This Will Get A Rise Out Of Seniors

Jason Millman highlights an effort in Congress to strip Medicare coverage for penis pumps:

So why did the federal government cover these devices in the first place? For one, penis pumps are a legit medical treatment for people with erectile dysfunction, especially as an alternative to taking pills.

As a result, Medicare covers the penis pumps — or vacuum erection systems (VES), if you want to be all scientific about it — under its durable medical equipment program, known as DMEPOS. The Inspector General report explains: “Because VES are used to treat impotence, and because impotence is a failure of the body part for which the diagnosis, and frequently the treatment, requires medical expertise, VES constitute a type of DMEPOS eligible for coverage under [Medicare] Part B.” …

As much as many people might not want to think about it, old people are having sex — and a lot more than you might imagine. A comprehensive 2007 New England Journal of Medicine survey on seniors’ sex lives found that more than half of people 64 to 75 reported having sex with a partner in the previous year, while it was 26 percent for people ages 75 to 85. For sexually active older men, their most commonly reported issue was erection trouble (37 percent).

We eagerly await Rush Limbaugh’s tirade against the federal government for subsidizing promiscuity among old men.