How Out Of Practice Is Jeb?

by Dish Staff

Byron York points out that Bush last ran for office in 2002:

Bush’s 14-year gap is bigger than any general-election presidential candidate in recent memory. …Talk to political consultants and they’ll tell you that sitting out even one electoral cycle can not only make a candidate rusty but can also make him or her unfamiliar with the sometimes overwhelming ways in which campaigns change over the course of four years. Jeb Bush might be able to overcome those challenges. But it probably won’t be easy.

Tomasky focuses on the same issue:

To find a presidential candidate with as long a gap between campaigns (excluding those like Eisenhower who’d never run), you have to reach back to James Buchanan. Questions of rust will arise, of course, but more than that, we can fairly wonder whether he has a feel for the politico-culture landscape these days. The conservative movement of today is a rather fiercer creature than the one his brother held at bay with a few Scriptural dog whistles.