The View From Your Blizzard

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 27 2015 @ 8:30pm

Littleton, Massachusetts, 9.20 am. Many more below:

Malden MA-1140

Malden, Massachusetts, 11.30 am

Framingham, MA. 9-10 AM

Framingham, Massachusetts, 9.10 am

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, 12.20 pm


Topsham, Maine, 11.30 am

Concord, New Hampshire-938

Concord, New Hampshire, 9.38 am


Portland, Maine, 3.17 pm


Hull, Massachusetts, 9.30 am

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“Okay, fine, it’s not really the view from my window. Just a cranky NYer. Martial law for 8″ of snow – thanks, de Blasio.”