My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd

Below is a bunch of reader commentary of the Dish’s recent coverage of gender-based debates like gamergate, catcalling, affirmative consent, and others. A dissenter gets the last word on #shirtstorm: You have a tendency to hate Internet mobs even when they’re right. Matt Taylor’s shirt was staggeringly inappropriate for a professional workplace, particularly when he’s … Continue reading My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd

A Pro-Life Election? Ctd

Iowa, support @JoniErnst, proven #prolife leader. #iasen — Susan B Anthony List (@SBAList) June 2, 2014 I’m proud to be pro-life and to have the endorsements of pro-life organizations: #utpol #tcot — Mia Love (@MiaBLove) November 3, 2014 NY Congresswoman @EliseStefanik: “I will continue to be a strong advocate for women, & fight … Continue reading A Pro-Life Election? Ctd


Ann Friedman raises an eyebrow at empowerment conferences: These conferences all follow a similar formula. Take a vintage feminist icon (Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda), a Clinton, a media maven (Arianna Huffington or Tina Brown, but probably not both), and three or four celebrities with a conscience (Oprah, Angelina, Geena, Meryl). Throw in Sandberg — who … Continue reading “Empowertising”

The Pill’s Guinea Pigs

Ann Friedman reviews Jonathan Eig’s The Birth of the Pill. The book doesn’t shy away from the ethically dubious parts of the pill’s development: Initially, [fertility expert John Rock and researcher Goody Pincus] sought out healthy American women for the hormone trials but didn’t tell them they were testing a possible contraceptive, or what the risks were. (At … Continue reading The Pill’s Guinea Pigs

Not Minding The Gap

Alice Robb discourages excessive gender-gap-awareness: The “bike gap” is the latest in a small spate of “gender gaps” that don’t seem worth our concern. At New York’s “The Cut,” Ann Friedman says women don’t feel “at home in the world of weed.” It’s not entirely clear that Tracie Egan Morrissey, writing for Jezebel, is joking when … Continue reading Not Minding The Gap

Maternal Ambivalence

Ann Friedman speaks for a lot of women: Many women are certain they want kids someday. A smaller number are positive they don’t. But there’s another group that isn’t the subject of many hand-wringing studies or best-selling books: the ambivalent. The ones who vacillate between “I don’t feel compelled to have children” and “What if I … Continue reading Maternal Ambivalence

Object Lesson

by Phoebe Maltz Bovy Arguing against feminists (but which feminists? more on that in a moment), Ann Friedman defends objectification within relationships: Within a healthy relationship or sexual interaction, a little objectification is a good thing. Often, it’s a necessary thing. Even the most ardent feminist sometimes wants to feel physically appreciated and desired in … Continue reading Object Lesson