The Popularity Of Paid Leave

Christopher Ingraham finds widespread support for paid sick leave. He flags a 2010 survey that “asked respondents how they felt about paid sick time, and then presented them with a battery of arguments for and against such legislation”: [A]fter hearing these arguments, respondents’ views on sick leave legislation were unchanged — 75 percent supported mandatory sick … Continue reading The Popularity Of Paid Leave

Obama’s Plan To Give Workers Time Off

Earlier this week, Obama announced his support for the Healthy Families Act: The legislation calls for businesses with 15 or more employees to let them accrue up to seven paid sick days a year to care for themselves or a family member who falls ill. On a call with press, adviser Valerie Jarrett said the White House … Continue reading Obama’s Plan To Give Workers Time Off

Best Friends, Forever

Hanna Kozlowska passes along some new research indicating that marriage-based happiness has some serious staying power: Analyzing three different databases, (two British population surveys and the Gallup World Poll), [Canadian economists Shawn Grover and John F. Helliwell] found that the reported life satisfaction of married and single people follows a similar pattern – high in their … Continue reading Best Friends, Forever

Chart Of The Day

Christopher Ingraham captions: Relative to other searches, interest in “hangover cure” is nearly 10 times higher than average on New Year’s day. The reason? Everyone’s out partying on New Year’s Eve. No other day in the calendar year comes close. The next-most hungover days of 2014 were the Saturday after Halloween, followed by a seemingly arbitrary Sunday in … Continue reading Chart Of The Day

If You Legalize It, They Will Toke

Pot use in Colorado and Washington has gone up: The increase appeared to occur almost entirely among adults. Among adolescents aged 12 to 17, past-month marijuana use went from 10.5 percent to 11.2 percent in Colorado and 9.5 percent to 9.8 percent in Washington state — neither of which are statistically significant increases. But among … Continue reading If You Legalize It, They Will Toke

Chart Of The Year Nominees – 2014

Below are the finalists we’ve selected for the Chart Of The Year, please review them and then vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.   1) Climate Change Consensus: James Powell updates his chart on global warming research: I have brought my previous study (see here and here) up-to-date by reviewing peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals over the … Continue reading Chart Of The Year Nominees – 2014

Obama Gives The Gift Of Clemency, Sparingly

by Dish Staff Maya Rhodan passes along news of Obama’s “Christmas clemency”: Obama granted 12 pardons to people convicted of various crimes from 1964 to 1997: possession of an unregistered distillery, counterfeiting, and conspiracy to transport a stolen car. Obama also commuted the sentences of eight federal prisoners serving lengthy sentences for drug crimes. None claim … Continue reading Obama Gives The Gift Of Clemency, Sparingly

Teens Are Smoking Less Pot

by Dish Staff Sullum relays the news: A few months ago, I noted that the National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed no increase in marijuana use by teenagers after 2012, despite groundbreaking legalization measures approved by voters in Colorado and Washington that year. According to the latest results from the Monitoring the Future Study, released[yesterday], … Continue reading Teens Are Smoking Less Pot

The Danger Of Cracking Down On Drugs

A test case in San Francisco: Christopher Ingraham holds up the Netherlands as another success story: Authorities in the Netherlands are warning Amsterdam tourists about heroin masquerading as cocaine, which has already killed several people and sent a number of others to the hospital. The campaign is striking because you’d never see one like it in the U.S.: “You will … Continue reading The Danger Of Cracking Down On Drugs

In GOP Shutout, Were Dem Voters Shut Out? Ctd

Christopher Ingraham passes along the above chart on Americans who didn’t vote: Republican vote-suppression efforts have already received plenty of attention, and rightfully so – it’s an embarrassment that one political party sees a smaller electorate as the path to victory. But voters turned back at the polls represent at best a tiny fraction of the 10 percent … Continue reading In GOP Shutout, Were Dem Voters Shut Out? Ctd