The Meaning Of ’90s Sitcoms, Ctd

Readers keep the thread going: In discussing how the sitcom Friends dealt with homosexuality, it is important to note Episode 11 of Season 2, which was titled “The One With The Lesbian Wedding”. It’s funny that even though it was 1996 there was no mention of “commitment ceremonies” or “domestic partnerships”. It was a wedding, … Continue reading The Meaning Of ’90s Sitcoms, Ctd

The Meaning Of ’90s Sitcoms, Ctd

Many readers aren’t buying Ruth Graham’s view that Friends, and especially Chandler, were homophobic: I’m sorry, but Friends is mocking homophobia, not displaying it. As a soon-to-be married gay man, I find the idea that this relatively recent show being representative of some benighted era to be an example of ridiculous outrage-mongering. Another sees “no nastiness … Continue reading The Meaning Of ’90s Sitcoms, Ctd

The Meaning Of ’90s Sitcoms, Ctd

Last weekend we plumbed it, with a particular focus on Friends. Now that the show can be streamed on Netflix, Ruth Graham has been re-watching it – and finding that of all the characters, Chandler is “the most agonizingly obsolete,” not least when it comes to his alleged homophobia: Chandler, identified in Season 1 as having a “quality” of … Continue reading The Meaning Of ’90s Sitcoms, Ctd

The Meaning Of ’90s Sitcoms

The above video, by program designers Brett Bergmann and Benajmin Roberts, allows you to “simultaneously experience every episode from Season 1 of the sitcom ‘Friends’.” Brandon Ambrosino captions: What’s striking about the video is how carnivalesque everything appears. Once you hit play, you’re bombarded with an avalanche of blurry images scored to the sounds of comical … Continue reading The Meaning Of ’90s Sitcoms

The Meaning of Girls

This thread explores the cultural influence and meaning of Lena Dunham’s show Girls.  Mon Apr 02, 2012 – 10:19am If Louis CK Were A 25-Year-Old Girl That’s Emily Nussbaum’s characterization of the young auteur Lena Dunham, star of the upcoming series “Girls”: Like Dunham, [Louis CK] writes, edits, directs, and stars as a character based on him. … Continue reading The Meaning of Girls

The Weekly Wrap


(Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

Friday on the Dish, Andrew called for the US government to bear the same legal accountability for torture as the defense contractors at Abu Ghraib, and reaffirmed the precise definition of the word. He was stunned at hearing that Chuck Schumer isn’t finished with Hagel – and noticed that WaPo isn’t, either. Andrew spotlighted Richard Blanco, this year’s Inaugural poet, and told NYT that Matt Drudge is a business mentor for the Dish. He verified that pot doesn’t kill, decided the real solution to obesity has got to be more than tax on sugar, and urged everyone to get the flu shot, ASAP.

In political coverage, we kept up with anxieties over the Brennan nomination, Ezra Klein called the platinum coin a surrender to GOP intransigence, and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher accused China of disguising spies as journalists. The Leveretts argued that Obama should engage Iran like Nixon engaged the People’s Republic, and we addressed reader criticism of our interviews with the couple here. Sam Harris painted a nasty picture of a gun-free globe, we evaluated the dearth of climate change coverage in the MSM, and set ourselves apart by taking some tips from the Dutch on flood-management.

In assorted coverage, Alyssa Rosenberg praised Netflix’s fresh approach to online TV, Alex Pasternack took a closer listen to the background music in Zero Dark Thirty’s torture scenes, while David Sessions emphasized that flexible minds produce better writers. Dhairya Dand invented a stylish way to avoid drinking past her limit, we rolled our eyes at mandatory tracking devices for school kids, and Megan Cohen explained the piggy bank. We flashed-forward a few years to see if self-driving cars will be on the market, James Temple floated a new way to cool the earth, while David Roberts linked economic growth to reliable air-conditioning.

Readers came down hard on the music of Les Miz, took up the Reddit question that Obama wouldn’t touch, and gave more advice about how to work the pay-meter when the Dish goes solo in February. We also discussed the value of the Dish’s reverse-reporting, and bemoaned the stinginess of legacy media. We had to look twice at today’s cool ad by Garnier Fructis. watched the sun rise at Big Sur during today’s VFYW, and flipped out during the MHB.

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