A Pre-Tenderized Meal, Ctd

A reader writes: Reading your roadkill thread, I’m surprised you haven’t had any Aussies write in. You haven’t really experienced roadkill until you’ve driven Down Under. Wombats regularly take out the undercarriages of cars and leave ugly skid marks and chunks down the road. But it’s really kangaroos that cause the biggest problems. With an estimated … Continue reading A Pre-Tenderized Meal, Ctd

A Pre-Tenderized Meal

Montana recently made moves to legalize eating roadkill. Nicola Twilley consults the rest of the country’s laws: Florida is the most permissive: according to Marketplace, “If you hit a deer, it’s legal to take it home and do whatever you want with it. You don’t need permission.” Most states with roadkill bills do require drivers to notify … Continue reading A Pre-Tenderized Meal